cheadleware f.a.q

Q: How do I purchase?
A: Click purchase.

Q: How many tf2 keys!?
A: Contact @laff_at_uid on discord and find out. We look at the real trade value of keys which is usually around $1.5-$1.6 each and not Market value. This would make it roughly 33 keys. If you don't like this, use crypto or don't purchase our product.

Q: Can I use paypal, credit card and please can I send you cash via a pigeon!??
A: No. We only accept Litecoin and TF2 keys. Simply look up how to purchase LTC, or use tf2 keys, or don't purchase from us.

Q: How do I get a register code?
A: You get one automatically when you purchase.

Q: Can I buy a day!? Can I buy a week? Can I buy a month???
A: No.

Q: How do I inject?
A: Press inject.

Q: It says gmod.exe not found, what do I do?
A: Right click on gmod in library -> Properties -> Betas -> Beta Participation -> x86-64 Chromium + 64-bit binaries

Q: Why does it say the loader is outdated?
A: Your loader is outdated or you are failing to connect. Try flushing your dns, finding out why your ISP is blocking us, or use a VPN.

Q: Can I use this on xy server, is it detected?
A: Yes, you can use it on any server. No, there is no known servers where it is detected. Yes, you can still get banned if you're being blatant. No, we are not responsible for any bans.

Q: Is it screengrab proof?
A: Yes, every single feature offered by the cheat is screengrab proof and renders in the steam overlay. Our API also provides functions for custom drawing in the steam overlay along with screengrab proof engine drawing.

Q: I accidentally used a debugging program while using the cheat, can I get unbanned??
A: No. It's your own responsibility not to "accidentally" use debugging software

Q: Can I get a hwid reset?
A: Request one in the Discord server.

Q: I have additional questions!
A: Add @laff_at_uid on Discord and ask. If you ask anything that is mentioned here, you will be simply ignored.